Tracy Tomasky Training Seminars

A variety of training topics are available. Each training listed below can be contracted as a package or as an individual topic.
The Wellness Series can also be contracted together or individually. 

***Additional leadership training is available and will be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization

Essential Leadership Training

Core Values - Finding your Inner Compass

Our core values lead and guide us. As a natural leader you will learn what your true values are and how to use these values to guide your decision making.

Authentic Leadership - Credibility is Key

Walking your talk as a leader speaks louder than any words you say. Aligning your behaviors with your core values will provide you with the credibility you need to have influence as a leader.

Communicating for Influence

Knowing your communication style and how to identify and work with other communication styles is an important foundation for being influential. Learning how to deal with conflict and listen effectively will result in you speaking with power and confidence.

Harnessing the Power of Relationships

Developing meaningful and authentic relationships is key to success. Learning the skills to having positive interpersonal relationships expands your ability to influence decisions. Empathy and compassion are integral characteristics of influential leaders. There is no substitute for authentically demonstrating your sincerity in caring for colleagues and others.

Wellness Series

Lead by Example – making yourself priority one

As leaders, it is our nature to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. This lesson will help you discover what is in your way of making yourself priority one. You will gain an understanding of the critical importance of being healthy and making a commitment to your own health.

Foundations of Wellness – navigating the web of your life

We play many roles in our lives. It takes specific skills to keep us untangled from the chaos in our lives and to stay connected to everything at the same time. You will learn to think through the components in your wellness wheel of life and the tools to create balance.

Motivation to Move

Our bodies are designed to move. The benefits of a regular exercise routine are many. The key is motivation. This lesson will help you learn what motivates you and how to put those supports in place to create an effective movement/fitness plan for your life.

Food to Fuel You

The food we choose to eat can either fuel us or drain us. Learning what healthy nutrition is and the strategies to make good choices without stress will put you on course with a plan that keeps you energized throughout your day.

Stress Reduction Tool Box

Stress is a natural part of our lives. It can provide us with focus when we need it or extra strength if we are in danger. Too much stress sends us over the edge and into a spiral headed in a direction that can harm us. This lesson teaches you multiple strategies for stress prevention and intervention.

Managing your Resources

As a leader, being productive, calm and having a laser focus are key. Managing your resources of time, money and space effectively, are fundamental components of your success. Learning to organize your space, both at home and in the office, creating a budget and financial plan, and setting a schedule that works for you will establish a productive life flow that results in maximum efficiency.

Change as Opportunity – Developing a New Perspective

For the majority of people, the word change often invokes fear and discomfort. Learning about the change process and gaining skills will help you develop a perspective that makes leading others through change empowering.