Awaken Your Courage To Lead


We are living in extraordinary times that call for extraordinary leadership. Whether you are a new leader or you want to develop more effective leadership skills, I will work closely with you to bring forth your full potential.


You Can Make a Difference and Your Time is Now!

If you:

  • Have great ideas but no one is listening, feel undervalued and overworked

  • Have been playing small when you know you are capable of so much more

learn how to:

  • Be an authentic leader by aligning your core values, beliefs and actions

  • Develop the credibility to get the recognition you deserve

  • Communicate with confidence and authority in any situation

  • Use your innate attributes to develop powerful relationships

  • Achieve balance in your life roles with focus to attain the results you want

Following my five-step program, you will live your authentic life with more:

Clarity - knowing your core values and your beliefs that support them
Credibility - authenticity in “walking your talk” - aligning your behaviors to reflect your values.
Communication with Confidence – developing effective communication skills to influence any situation
Collaborative Connections – harnessing the power of relationships to help you accomplish your mission
Caring for yourself first – learning to set priorities and a plan to balance all of your life roles

A Book that is Practical and Powerful
— ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dr. Tracy Tomasky has dared to do something better than it’s been done before… formulate real life processes that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Anyone interested in building a leadership team on the foundation of integrity, humility, and compassion will treasure this book as the valued resource it is. It is the quintessential guide on your journey to becoming the leader you are meant to be.

- Gary Curry
Entrepreneur, Business Leader
Chairman of the Board, Redtail Technologies
President, ORBA Insurance Services, Inc.

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