About Tracy Tomasky

Welcome to the next steps in the design of your leadership development program

Tracy Tomasky founded Leaders Evolving, Inc. with a desire to help leaders transform their skills to become more effective and significantly influence their organizations and communities. She believes that individuals who desire to be leaders in their businesses or communities already possess the ability to develop the necessary skills to lead.

Dr. Tomasky is an author and Leadership Coach with a passion and dedication to help people succeed as leaders. She uses her professional experience as a teacher, leader, administrator, meeting and process facilitator, workshop presenter, motivational speaker, and Wellness practitioner to inspire excellence. She has served in key leadership positions in business, public and private education for 30 years.

Education and self-development have always been important to Tracy. Her early interests in the health field led to a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by expanding interests in leadership and a MA degree in Educational Administration. In 2004, she earned her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. She has chosen to apply her knowledge and expertise to help leaders develop their courage and authenticity. Tracy works with groups or individuals, guiding them to discover their exceptional potential to achieve their goals.

As a doctoral student, Tracy received the university’s esteemed “Creative Leadership” Award. She uses her natural creative approach to establish a unique plan designed specifically for each of her clients. She is committed to helping you become the leader you aspire to be while you are making a significant difference in the world.